• Distance Instructions
  • Distance 108 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 0 km/h
  • Min altitude 899 m
  • Max. Alt. 2764 m
  • Alt. Gain 3532 m
  • Descent 3593 m


Start:  Bormio, Sondrio, Italy.

If you are riding in the Italian Alps, it would be a crime not to tackle Passo dello Stelvio. This ride gives you the opportunity to appreciate this grand mountain pass from both sides. Leaving Bormio, you approach Passo dello Stelvio from the west with a 22km climb and average gradient of 7%. You can appreciate the altitude of the mountain when you see skiers on the mountain slopes in spring! Once you have made your first ascent, you descend into Switzerland and loop the northern face of the mountain before starting the ascent from the east at Prato allo Stelvio (Prad am Stilfserjoch). This approach is almost 25km long at an average gradient of 7.5%. When you hit the first turn of the climb, you are greeted by a road sign indicating the first of 48 'tornanti'! Forty-eight switchbacks later you again arrive at the Passo dello Stelvio. From this point, you return along the same road you climbed earlier in the ride. Now that all the hard work is done for the day, enjoy your descent down to Bormio and soak in the amazing mountain scenery.

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ColAltitude (m)
Passo dello Stelvio2757