• Distance Instructions
  • Distance 73.00 km
  • Time 18 h 10 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 473 m
  • Max. Alt. 1445 m
  • Alt. Gain 1375 m
  • Descent 1407 m


Start:  Bursins, Vaud, Switzerland.

This ride starts ascending from the minute you get onto the saddle. Although the conventional start for Col du Marchairuz is from Gland, the ride described here starts at Bursins and meets at the village of Burtigny via the Le Molard. Once clear of the trees, a view of Lake Geneva can be seen to the east. The intent for this ride was to ascend the Col du Mollendruz from Mont-la-Ville though, we were unable to due to road closure. Nevertheless, this could easily be included (Col du Mollendruz 1180m) as an extension of the circuit.

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ColsAltitude (m)
Col du Marchairuz1449